mcneill, elizabeth - Nueve semanas y media (r1.0 EPL).epub | DCs Legends of Tomorrow 9 | Ekipa z New Jersey
Author: avelin on 14-01-2018, 15:08
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Bitcoin Mastering Programming the Open Blockchain
Publisher: O'Reilly Media; 2 edition (July 1, 2017)
Language: English | ISBN-10: 1491954388 - ISBN-13: 978-1491954386 | 9 MB

Join the technological revolution that's taking the world of finance by storm. Mastering Bitcoin is your guide through the seemingly complex world of bitcoin, providing the knowledge you need to participate in the internet of money. Whether you're building the next killer app, investing in a startup, or simply curious about the technology, this revised and expanded second edition provides essential detail to get you started.
Author: avelin on 14-01-2018, 14:58
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Bill Hurter's Small Flash Photography
English | Amherst Media | June 2011 | PDF | 125 pages | 18 MB

With the surge in popularity of small flash photography, this guide is a timely resource for shutterbugs looking to take full advantage of a growing trend. Studio flash systems are expensive, unwieldy, and often require the help of a hired assistant. The advent of the small flash allows working photographers to avoid large investments, gives them mobility when traveling to off-site photo shoots, and offers them functionality for illuminating small areas. Covering all aspects of the small flash, including gear selection, placement of flash units, and proper settings and communications, this helpful how-to also offers techniques and practical advice from a variety of practiced shooters who work with this illuminating medium. Professional and aspiring photographers will reap the rewards and overcome the challenges of shooting with a small flash with the help of this instructional manual.
Author: avelin on 14-01-2018, 14:49
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85 Inspiring Ways to Market Your Small Business
English | 257 pages | PDF | 1.16 MB

The book sets out to be your own, pocket, marketing consultant - without the expense. Not only does it offer some great ideas but it explains how each idea will benefit your business, what you need to do to make it work, and how you can apply it to your own business immediately. Through a series of special response questions, it cleverly gets across marketing ideas in combination with the vital thinking behind their application. Furthermore, it does so in a way that transfers 'ownership' of these strategies to you the business manager so that you feel thoroughly motivated and inspired to act. Whether you run a product or service-led business, it will help you to: understand your market place, your competition and your customer; create solid, reasoned foundations for your business; develop your marketing message on credible foundations; decide on the most effective marketing methods for your business; attract new customers, and boost business with existing customers; build your business profile so that it's always working for you; get the right pricing in place; and, complete your marketing plan and create a successful marketing system. The ideas are presented separately in bite-sized chunks so that you can devote just a little thinking and reflection time to each one before - most importantly - making it all happen.
Author: avelin on 14-01-2018, 14:41
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Secrets of the Kama Sutra and Other Eastern Pleasures Sex
secrets that will take couples on a sexual adventure and push erotic pleasure to dizzying heights

English | DK (2011) | PDF | 192 pages | 19.56 MB

Sex Secrets of the Kama Sutra & Other Eastern Pleasures is an inspirational guide to the best sex positions and techniques from Arabia, India, China, and Japan. Classic erotic manuscripts and traditions from each country provide the source of eye-opening secrets that will take couples on a sexual adventure and push erotic pleasure to dizzying heights.
Author: avelin on 14-01-2018, 09:59
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The New York Times Best Sellers - January 21, 2018 [ePub]
English | 10 Books | EPUB | 26 MB

The New York Times Best Seller list is widely considered the preeminent list of best-selling books in the United States. It is published weekly in The New York Times Book Review magazine, which is published in the Sunday edition of The New York Times and as a stand-alone publication. The best-seller list has been ongoing since April 9, 1942.
Author: avelin on 14-01-2018, 09:49
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Complete Book of Woodcarving - Everything You Need to Know to Master the Craft
English | Fox Chapel Publishing (2008) | 1004 pages | EPUB | 118 MB

Brimming with expert instruction and nine attractive projects, you'll learn all about carving styles, techniques, tools, wood, and much more! This comprehensive reference covers every classic style along and power carving too. Includes 9 projects and a helpful resource section.
Author: avelin on 14-01-2018, 09:38
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Botany - An Introduction to Plant Biology, 6th Edition
English | Jones & Bartlett Learning (2016) | 2288 pages | EPUB | 80.3 MB

Botany: An Introduction to Plant Biology continues to set the standard for the fundamentals of plant science. No botany text better connects structure to function and does so with higher quality art and imagery. Combining strong scientific grounding with an approachable writing style, Botany teaches and engages. The essentials to a foundational understanding of plant science are all there, including structure, genetics and evolution, physiology and development, and ecology. Now in a modernized sixth edition, the text continues to lead with the latest material on molecular biology, plant biotechnology, and the most recent coverage of taxonomy and phylogeny of plants to keep students on the forefront of cutting-edge botanical research. Botany: An Introduction to Plant Biology, Sixth Edition is the clear choice for students digging into this exciting science.
Author: avelin on 14-01-2018, 09:28
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Assorted Magazines - January 12, 2018 (True PDF)
42 Issues | True PDF | English | 406 MB
Author: avelin on 14-01-2018, 09:19
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Grains as Mains - Modern Recipes Using Ancient Grains
English | DK (March 3, 2015) | 438 pages | EPUB | 116 MB

Ancient grains like quinoa, barley, spelt, and wheat berries are called "super foods" for good reason — they're packed with nutrition, and they're so versatile that they taste great in a variety of recipes. But what happens when you're stuck in a grain rut, always preparing grains the same way? Get inspired with Grains as Mains, the modern cook's answer to how to introduce healthy ingredients and delicious grains to the family table.
Author: way_vs on 14-01-2018, 07:34
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Digital Photography: An Introduction, 5th Edition
Digital Photography: An Introduction, 5th Edition by Tom Ang
English | January 2nd, 2018 | ISBN: 1465468625, 9781465468628 | 226 pages | True PDF | 122.83 MB

Learn how to capture, enhance, and transform your digital photographs taken with any camera, from phones to DLSRs with renowned photographer and teacher Tom Ang.

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